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We believe in technology for good. We believe that technology can create a better world for us all. We deliver fantastic recruitment services into the Tech For Good sectors.

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More and more people wake up each day and wonder where their purpose lies. They get dressed and go to a workplace, to receive a pay-check. They repeat this day after day, year after year. Nothing wrong with that, of course. But what if your next recruitment conversation revolved around the holy trinity of career wealth; a market leading salary, cutting edge tech projects to test your skills AND the yield of your hard work was a product or service that saves lives, or saves the world… or saves the bees!

That's what we term 'purpose'.

If you have yet to understand the world of profit-purpose organisations, we exist to help you learn how these operators can give you the holy trinity of career wealth.

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The Stuff We're
Made Of

Can you remember the first time you set a goal? Remember how it made you feel when you smashed it? Our made manifesto was borne out of our belief that we can be brilliant. And happy. And awesome humans. And successful. And support the Good. We have an obsession with tech, with recruitment and with helping people. We are proud people, and so we wrote down our commitment to ourselves on what MADE stands for:


Excellence is standard. We will operate with excellence in everything we do.

Personal Development

All of our staff will be given one afternoon a month to support their professional development, learning or CSR.


Made Foundation

The Made Foundation will award a different charity each year a % of it's profits combined with commitments to host fundraising events


We will treat the janitor the same as the CEO, and our workspace is a safe place for all to speak up



Happiness is a key value of ours for a reason. We will conduct regular feedback surveys to ensure we are a happy place to work


Through our community building events we will support local technologists and raise the profile of DE&I in the tech industry


Giving Back

Made will plant one tree to celebrate every placement made, and encourage our clients to do the same through our personal GROVE in the Scottish Highlands.


We will strive to collaborate and help other people and businesses in any way we can


Careers Made - Work With Us

At MADE we are outrageously passionate about what we do. Who wouldn't LOVE recruiting for our clients, given all of them do wonderful things in the world? As a team we describe ourselves as high-performing, friendly, supportive and we love working together. We come from diverse backgrounds and we have all sorts of characters, passions and interests!

Everyone has their own vertical niche with the mission of becoming our clients go-to person, a real market specialist. That makes happy recruiters into happy and successful recruiters. If you want a career with a business and with colleagues that will put everything in to you and your development, all we ask is that same commitment in return.

At Made we seek out new ideas all the time. We aim to attract optimistic, intelligent and altruistic people and give them the environment to create their own stories and success.

If you're interested in joining any one of our MADE Squads, get in touch with our Talent Team

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